Every single event is part of some master plan designed to lead us to our universal soul mate.
Film: Serendipity (via hqlines)


Its been quite long since I even saw you,
Long enough to fade you away from me.
But I still remember everything,
Its stored inside my memory.
This poem isn’t even half of what I’m going through right now,
I thought I’d get you back somehow.
It doesn’t make sense to me,
How does it take place to see,
I was down for you on my knees.
I’m trying to stop you from leaving,
I kept on pleading.
And you didn’t even listen,
All you ever thought of was just ‘ditch him’.
I’ve started to live like a recluse,
And this game has no excuse,
There’s isn’t any amuse,
That’s why I’m confused.
I really wish I’d expressed myself in a better way,
So you won’t even leave like you did the other day.
I expressed it for my own sake,
I never thought I’d be put to bake.
I’ve loved you like no one else can,
There is no other man,
Who will love you like I can.
Its true you know what people say,
You don’t realize the value of something until its gone.
But I am still not gone,
You’re the one whose wrong.
You still haven’t realized it,
Its a pity yet harsh thing to accept,
I just need once chance,
To show myself at a glance.
You complete what’s perfect,
There’s no one to neglect.
And for that I give you all of my respect.
According to you I probably write the worse verse,
And therefore I consider this gift as a curse.
When I’m done writing I try to write even more,
And sometimes even my tears pour.
For you I can write the biggest verse of all time,
But what’s the use if I can’t even rhyme for what’s mine?

Writing submitted by: Shoaib Burney (via hqlines)

Tumpah ruah udah diwakilin sama ini titik dua kurung buka


"Kau jangan marah. Memang beginilah caraku menunjukkan rasa sayangku padamu."


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Popsicles Made with More Than Just Fruit

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Tropical Avocado Popsicle

Spicy Watermelon Popsicles

Sweet and Salty Celery Popsicles

Blackberry & Chèvre Popsicle

Boleeeh dicobaaa dirumah~~~~

Aku bertanya, “apa rencanamu setahun ke depan?”. Dia menjawab, “aku ingin menikmati hidup”. Lalu aku hanya bisa terdiam.