Jika seorang mengalokasikan waktunya sehabis sholat subuh untuk menghafal, setelah sholat dhuhur untuk membaca yg ringan, setelah sholat ashar untuk menulis, setelah sholat maghrib untuk berbincang santai & setelah sholat isya untuk membaca buku kontemporer, hasil riset mengatakan mereka tidak akan pernah menjadi orang bersedih dan merugi.

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The Wedding cake toppers I ordered and the cake toppers I forced myself not to order


I just ordered our wedding cake toppers and I am pretty freaking excited about them!

We are going to have lots of different smaller cakes and one larger (but not huge) two tiered cake. When I mentioned the idea of having lots of cakes rather than a big one to Jake he was disappointed and said he liked the idea of a tiered more traditional looking wedding cake. So we are kind of compromising with a small two tier as well as an assortment of other cakes. So to me multiple cakes = multiple cake toppers which equals.. at least twice as much fun, right?

The two tiered cake will be really simple, white, kind of ruffled looking something, like this, with the black cake topper which will match our invitations and other signs (from the etsy store firstsnowfall)

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