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Unfired Owl yarn bowl ..complete with branches, oak leaves and a small field mouse.
This is a custom order and can be remade to order. Currently at £85 ($141USD) with shipping extra.
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@livscreams and the Art of Ground Coffee

For more of Liv’s artwork, browse the #groundcoffeeart hashtag and follow @livscreams on Instagram.

For Liv Buranday (@livscreams), coffee isn’t just a jolt of caffeine in the morning—it’s a blank canvas inviting her to create her next piece of art.

A nursing student on the Philippine island of Cebu, Liv uses Instagram as a way to balance the technical demands of her career with her creative interests. “What I like about Instagram is that you get to see a lot of awesome artsy photos, and l got hooked looking at minimalistic art,” Liv says. “This also inspired me to do minimalistic photos/art of my own that lead me to create #groundcoffeeart.”

Her chosen medium—coffee grounds—stemmed out of her family’s morning routines. “What inspired me to do #groundcoffeeart is my father’s love for coffee. I’ve always known him to love brewed coffee, and then a thought popped out when he opened that Folgers Classic Roast—perhaps I can use its contents as art.”

Inspired equally by her day-to-day life and her own imagination, Liv painstakingly sets out to arrange the grounds into her composition, using only her hands and a toothpick to arrange the coffee grounds and small props. With so much room for error involved, Liv has started to seek out ways to make her art last longer: “Just a month ago I’ve decided to apply glue for its permanent effect because on my previous #groundcoffeeart my patience was really tested.”

Jika seorang mengalokasikan waktunya sehabis sholat subuh untuk menghafal, setelah sholat dhuhur untuk membaca yg ringan, setelah sholat ashar untuk menulis, setelah sholat maghrib untuk berbincang santai & setelah sholat isya untuk membaca buku kontemporer, hasil riset mengatakan mereka tidak akan pernah menjadi orang bersedih dan merugi.

La tahzan (via adindasukma)